12th Art Division Excellence Award


Still image [Israel]



At first glance, the photographs seem to be scenes extracted from normal life. They are delicate images with a distinctive atmosphere. However, once you start paying attention to the human figures, you notice that they have a slight stoop or their posture seems uncomfortable, and you start to sense a psychological tension. Then these hitherto undramatic scenes start to take on an extraordinary aspect.

Reason for Award

This work was originally entered as two separate series, but the Jury decided to judge them as one work. The reason was that both of the series were too good for only one of them to be chosen. Human figures, in what first appear to be perfectly ordinary situations, are found to have uncanny facial expressions like wax dolls with no body temperature. And the air around them is also peculiar. Another very important element is that they seem to be going about their daily affairs. It does not require an especially significant event to transform life into something extremely bizarre — just a minor change is sufficient. This work has an intriguing charm. It is as if it captures an extraordinary and surrealistic moment hiding just below the surface of normal daily life. The directive capability of the artist is also superb, including the selection and rendition of human figures, room settings, costume, and lighting. The way the artist has serialized the work is also very effective.