©Valia Fetisov, Dzina Zhuk, Nicolay Spesivtsev
Authors: Valia FETISOV, Dzina ZHUK, Nicolay SPESIVTSEV
Designer: Maxim KARALEVICH
Developers: Kirill HORHULEV, Eugene SHIBEKO, Vladimir ARTYUKHOV, Gleb DREMYK, Anastasiya SOLOGUB

19th Art Division Jury Selections


Internet art

Valia FETISOV / Dzina ZHUK / Nicolay SPESIVTSEV [Russia]


Paranoiapp is a social-psychology experiment in the form of a mobile application and an algorithm of users’ interaction. This consists of an animated map with a black dot in the middle that is your target and a chat that opens when you tap on the dot. The project is based on the fear of losing your own privacy, but unlike others, it’s trying to aggravate that fear to see what happens in the future.