Festival Platform Award
Geo-Cosmos Category

Path of Noise (r, theta, phi)

Application program

Paul LACROIX[France]


Each particle expresses the randomness of one’s life, the chaotic paths that we follow, born together, moving apart, brought together again. Cherry blossoms convey a feeling of happiness and peace in the heart of the viewer. The (r, theta, phi) in the title refers to the representation of a point coordinates in a spherical environment. A very interesting aspect of using a sphere-shaped screen is the absence of bounds, having neither a beginning nor an end. This piece of generative art is rendered in real-time, offering each time different colors
and patterns.

Reason for Award

Video production for the Geo-Cosmos Category is complex due to the peculiarity of the screen’s shape, a perfect sphere, which does not have any “frame” boundaries. Most of the entries submitted so far took either the approach using traditional 2D video editing or the generative art approach of producing video in real-time using a computer. Entries with the latter approach have increased in number in recent years. This trend will continue in the future, which could be a driving force for new types of expression. I am looking forward to seeing the changes in future entry works. This work was praised by the whole jury for its approach of producing a frame-less and borderless generative art by taking advantage of the peculiarity of the spherical surface. The jurors also praised the concept of bringing happiness and peace to viewers with images of cherry blossoms while portraying the contingency and chaotic path of life through the movements of the particles and line drawings produced in real-time. (MIZUGUCHI Tetsuya)