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16th Entertainment Division Grand Prize

Perfume “Global Site Project”

Website, Source code, Performance, Choreography, Music

MANABE Daito / MIKIKO / NAKATA Yasutaka / HORII Satoshi / KIMURA Hiroyasu [Japan]


This project commemorates the global debut of the techno-pop group Perfume. Based on the concept of fans and creators together launching the group into the world, this massive project involved the planning and production of a teaser site, an open-source project, and live performances by the members of Per fume. Fol lowing the si te launch, the open-source project provided free distribution of original music and choreographic motioncapture data f rom the of f icial website. Secondary creation by programmers was enabled by providing sample codes and extended features for the use of data via the social coding service GitHub. This gave birth to over 500 richly varied projects in countries around the world. On Per fume’s global tour works developed through this project were int roduced and they performed compositions and choreography distributed through the site.

Reason for Award

This project was developed for the global debut of Perfume, practically a household name now. Without compromising their pop-idol cachet, the band’s members have utilized cutting-edge technology in their music videos and performances. The present project distributed motion-capture data and music data for original tunes for Perfume’s world debut so that fans and creators – actually, fans as creators – could help create a global image for the band. The girls’ unique dance steps have already been copied by fans on the net, as well as performed by virtual idols via THE IDOLM@STER, Hatsune Miku and the like. In other words, they have already been distributed as sources for numerous secondary creations. This project officially, and meticulously, supports such efforts as a form of “creation in the present tense” without rejecting the vagaries of creation-by-consumer. Such an undertaking itself becomes a kind of entertainment.