©Futuropolis / Musée du Louvre éditions, 2005

15th Manga Division Jury Selections

Période glaciaire

Manga published in book form, in magazine

Nicolas de CRÉCY (Artist) / ONISHI Aiko (Translation)


The tale is set in Paris in the future, when the surface of the earth is covered in glaciers. An archaeological expedition, which has discovered an art gallery sleeping amidst the snow, complete with an enormous quantity of artworks, develops a strange interpretation with a view to decoding the “lost civilization.” This manga was planned as a means of conveying the charm of the Louvre Museum through a comic angle, by means of creative, cynical story development, such as a scene in which the “works of art” tell the exploration dog of their past history. It is a work that could even be described as a new form of “Louvre Museum guidebook.”