© URASAWA Naoki / TEDUKA Production / NAGASAKI Takashi / Shogakukan

9th Manga Division Excellence Award


Story manga [Japan]

Producer: NAGASAKI Takashi
Supervising editor: TEZUKA Makoto
Cooperation: Tezuka Production

Reason for Award

Astro Boy was one of the great, horizon expanding, manga masterpieces of its time. For the ordinary observer, it is almost all we can do just to be impressed by Astro Boy, but here, the maestro, URASAWA Naoki, has turned his attention to multiple structural universes, perhaps even beyond the horizon of manga’s potential. It leaves one speechless; it is an exciting, forward looking and much appreciated work; hats off to Mr. URASAWA, who always gives his fans such joyful surprises. The concept of this work itself is impressive, and we really appreciate the effort and passion of all the people involved. Finally, we would like to point out that it was suggested this work should be awarded the Grand Prize when it ended.