25th Art Division New Face Award

Projection for the next three thousand years

Media installation

HIRASE Miki[Japan]


As exemplified by digital displays and projectors, the experience of looking at images requires the use of electricity today. In thinking of impending energy issues such as power shortages and resource scarcity, the artist created the work of visual experience for the era of lost electricity. She chose stone, a semi-permanent recording medium, and used a laser to engrave photographic images and texts on its mirror-finished surface. The light bounces off the illuminated surface and projects the engraving on the wall. By applying precision machining technology to the stone, a material being used as a recording medium for millenniums, this work presents a new method of creating a recording medium that does not assume the need for electricity and has the potential to remain intact even for 3,000 years.

Reason for Award

With her sculptural works in the media environment and installations on social media and data, the artist has encouraged audiences to rethink the experience of looking at things. Focusing on stone as a recording medium, she chose to cast light on the images engraved on the stone surface with a laser machine. The work evokes the dawn of visual media while a possible method of archiving to pass down recordings to the future generations. The best part is that it traces historical context through a form of expression made possible by modern technology. (TASAKA Hiroko)