©YCAM/Yoko Ando/Yoshito Onishi/Satoru Higa/Motoi Shimizu/Kyle McDonald
写真提供: 山口情報芸術センター[YCAM]

17th Art Division Jury Selections

Reactor for Awareness in Motion (RAM)

Media performance

YCAM InterLab / ANDO Yoko / ONISHI Yoshito / HIGA Satoru / SHIMIZU Motoi / Kyle MCDONALD [Japan / USA]


This project develops and presents new ways of making dance. By developing RAMDanceToolkit, a software development tool kit, and MOTIONER, a motion capture system which is both reasonably priced and accurate, and then making these public as open-source software, it fosters the activities of new emerging artists, such as dancers who are also programmers.