©︎ Jonathan Hagard

24th Entertainment Division Excellence Award


VR animation

Jonathan HAGARD / Nova Dewi SETIABUDI / Andreas HARTMANN / Dewi HAGARD / KIDA Kaori / Paul BOUCHARD[France / Indonesia / Germany / Japan]


Set in a fictional neighborhood in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, the VR film depicts the transformation of the city and its people from around 1980 until 2020. Through the scenery around the house of a Javanese family, the work portrays the urban, environmental, political, and cultural changes that Jakarta experienced. The viewpoint of the camera is set in the front yard of the house, and the viewer can freely control it by 360 degrees. At first, the area looks like a peaceful village with only bicycles and rickshaws on the street and lush green around the houses but, with the passage of time, scooters and cars appear, and the buildings are torn down and rebuilt. Then, an elevated road and high-rise buildings are constructed, and the trains begin operating. Before long, the residents relaxing in front of their house and the children playing in the street are gone, and eventually, the area becomes a modern commercial space. Looking back on Jakarta’s recent history in a matter-of-fact way, the work aims to find the link between the city’s roots and the current situation and deepen understanding of the challenges faced by rapidly developing cities.

Reason for Award

Open, airy houses with lush greens, falling rain, and music playing in a warm breeze—all form a nostalgic air. I visited Indonesia twice and loved its relaxed atmosphere. As I immerse myself in this atmosphere, the scenery changes with time. Simple wooden houses are replaced by one-story concrete houses. Advertisements, convenience stores, and different religions appear. Even an anti-LGBT flag can be found. The country is transforming into something different from what I like. A flooded street shown near the end makes me wonder: is it a disaster arising from human-caused environmental changes? How will this streetscape change in the future? This sentimental and enlightening film makes the audience feel as if they are standing on the street to see how cities, environments, politics, and cultures transform. (HASEGAWA Ai)