©︎ Tsubumi Mori 2021 / HERO’S INC.

25th Manga Division New Face Award

Rolling Siblings

MORI Tsubumi[Japan]


High school girl USAMI Minato is going to have a step brother, an elementary school boy, due to her father’s second marriage. She had high expectations since she was told that he is “truly adorable,” but the 8-year old brother, Koshiro, is delightfully innocent and cheeky. The drawings with warm touches make the most of analog lines to depict how the two gradually become family. Nostalgic portrayals, as if coming out of a corner of memory, stand out, such as the childlike everyday life of Koshiro and his classmates, and the faint love between Minato and her high school friend she had known from childhood. This home comedy depicts stories that gently touch the reader’s heart, while including modern themes such as Koshiro’s friend who always eats by himself because both parents work, and Minato’s bigoted grandfather who lives alone.

Reason for Award

The drawings are likable and easy to read, and are quite deformed. The younger brother is depicted as a disappointing character at the beginning, but progressively becomes profound. This work is interesting even when re-reading, since each character is well-defined. The artist’s expressions uncover the excitement hidden in everyday episodes, while spicing it up with gags. It’s as if the warm heart of the artist reveals itself. In the latter half of the story, the brother, who was once such a disappointment, transforms into a very important character who gives excitement. This masterpiece will be universally loved by readers. (SHIMAMOTO Kazuhiko)