photo: Yohei YAMAKAMI

15th Art Division New Face Award


Interactive art

KANNO So / YAMAGUCHI Takahiro [Japan]


This is a drawing machine that draws abstract lines using spray paint and movements that have the chaotic nature of a double pendulum. As a result of the electric skateboard moving left and right, the amplitude of the pendulum increases and once the momentum exceeds a certain threshold, the machine instantly draws on the wall. By eliminating the human body and claims involved in tagging in “graffiti,” and presenting only the dynamism, extemporaneity, and symbolic nature of the drawing process, this machine explores the true nature of these actions.

Reason for Award

A drawing machine examines the true nature of graffitiIn this graffiti artist there is no firmly held conviction or pretense. All there is the pure act of drawing. However, even though this artist is not human, it is extremely sentient. The regularity that at first glance appears chaotic is produced by the dual pendulum, which replicate the unified motion of the human waist and arms, when they move on the axis of the shoulders. For a graffiti artist, this extreme dance is an ideal, and a corporeal message that is hurled at the wall of society. Yet this artist is not human. Nonetheless, the judges could not but feel an emotional response to the graffiti that it creates. We wish to express our support for this taciturn artist, which produces graffiti on the same scale as that of a human.