©SAKAMOTO Ryuichi / MANABE Daito
Photo: Keizo Kioku, Courtesy of Creative City Sapporo International Art Festival Executive Committee

18th Art Division Excellence Award

Sensing streams – invisible, inaudible

Media installation

SAKAMOTO Ryuichi / MANABE Daito [Japan]


An installation work in which, through detection (or sensing), electromagnetic waves imperceivable to humans are made visible and audible. This work was developed in two locations found in Sapporo City: Sapporo Ekimae-dori Underground Walkway (Chi-Ka-Ho), and a glass pyramid within Moerenuma Park. An antenna installed in Moerenuma Park collected electromagnetic waves, and the data was then made visible and audible in real time through a massive self-luminous, high-definition screen and speakers. The viewer is able to change the wavelength frequency with a controller, allowing the experience of various simultaneously existing electromagnetic waves through visuals and sound that are perpetually changing. In addition, by contrasting these with the electromagnetic waves recorded in the Chi-Ka-Ho, the significant differences between electromagnetic waves depending on the location and time becomes clear. In the present day when electromagnetic waves have become an essential part of infrastructure, this work makes us aware of a phenomenon that usually goes unnoticed – the flow (streams) of a multitude of electromagnetic waves – while also reflecting our active involvement through mobile phones and smartphones.

Reason for Award

This work was produced for the Sapporo International Art Festival 2014 by SAKAMOTO Ryuichi and MANABE Daito. Focusing on electromagnetic waves, their proposal took the form of a collaboration following the concept of visualization and audibility. In what form do the electromagnetic waves of different frequencies emitted from mobile phones, radios and televisions exist in daily environments? On a daily basis, we are thinking, judging, and acting based on information obtained from our eyes and ears. What is interesting about this work is the overlaying of these waves and the water veins or “streams” flowing beneath Sapporo, and the transformation into perceivable information of their existence which, while invisible, certainly affects the lives of humans. In making it appreciable by anyone, it encourages new awareness of an existence that was beyond recognition. In addition, employed within the massive screen, 4K VIEWING® used in the work are 1 mm SMD (surface mount devices) placed within a 1.9 mm pitch, not only allowing superhigh definition image resolution, but also making possible a new textural surface quality and form of expression. (TAKATANI Shiro)