© Kazuko Chikuhama

10th Manga Division Encouragement Prize


Self-published comics [Japan]

CHIKUHAMA Kazuko (Director: CHIKUHAMA Kenichi / Artist: CHIKUHAMA Kazuko)

Reason for Award

Best of all, the vividly drawn lines, and wonderful sense of color are outstanding. “Gee, it’s super!” “I would make the pictures into posters as they are.” The judges were all very impressed. On the other hand, however, I would like to note that there were opposing opinions among judges such as: “The amusing aspects of panel comic are rather weak.” “Using the format of panel comic loses the charm of the picture.” “The creators should express themselves more in a world of pictures.” At any rate, as they have such a wonderful charming appeal as pictures, I would like to think that they can create a work which maximizes their attractiveness.