© Junichi Nojo, Kazutoshi Hando, Issei Eifuku

22nd Manga Division Jury Selections

Showa tenno monogatari

Manga published in book form, in magazine

NOJO Junichi / Original author: HANDO Kazutoshi / Scenario writer: EIFUKU Issei [Japan]


Based on Showashi (“History of Showa,” Hei- bonsha) by HANDO Kazutoshi, this manga tells the history of the Showa period through the Showa emperor’s eyes, augmented by epi- sodes collected from other writings. A biography of Showa emperor Hirohito that por- trays even the subtlest feelings and grief, it captures him as an individual who lived through a turbulent time. Images – even the imperial furniture and the clothing of the time – are care- fully drawn in great detail.