© Crispin Jones and IDEO

6th Digital Art (Interactive Art) Division Grand Prize



CRISPIN JONES with IDEO (Graham PULLIN / Mat HUNTER / Anton SCHUBERT) [United Kingdom]

Reason for Award

The work is composed of 5 mobile phones that have differing functions. Each work is made up of the critical mentality and humor directed against the mobile phone culture, and to use this medium as a basis of expression revealed a maturation of this media genre, and left us with a very favorable impression of the work.
A method is used where there is modification in the resolution of information which only responds to another’s sound with the sound of an instrument, and of information in which the medium multiplexes such as an electrical exchange other than audio.Amidst many media art-like works that use sensors and projectors, this work carries out humor to its fullest, and was evaluated for its competence as a fully finished product.