©︎ IAMEVE / Photo: Starman Banner (made by Kelon Cen)

Festival Platform Award
Dome Theater Category


Music video

Tiff RANDOL / CEN Kelon / Thor FREUDENTHAL / YEN Shih-Lien [United States / China / Germany, United States / Taiwan]


A fulldome short created by singer and performing artist, IAMEVE. It depicts the story of Eve, portrayed by the singer herself, and her soulmate Starman, who seek each other out and reunite in a multi-dimensional world through mesmerizing imagery. Components such as the horizon, the hills and trees, set in outer space, are composed of Eve’s body painted by the body painter Michael Rosner. The human body, representing the landscape, was shot in front of a green screen and later combined with animation. Flowing vocals, coupled with expansive sound, worm their way down the viewer’s ear and into their body. This work is part of a sci-fantasy transmedia project by IAMEVE, The Everything Nothing, about creation, fractured identity, and transcending physical form.

Reason for Award

Numerous facets of this work earned very high ratings. Among them were its production method that put the dome’s full-sky form to beneficial use, and also its integration of music with video projection, suggesting a novel step forward for the music video. Also highly commended was the artistry incorporated into the work, down to the smallest detail, and above all else its sense of scale that evokes an infinite expanse and sense of grand narrative set in outer space. This is a unique piece that is cloaked in an aura of otherness. Surveying Starman’s storyboard, which predicates dome projection, a sense comes through of just how much effort the artists invested in the creation of a range of different forms of expression that take full advantage of the dome, not to mention the process they followed to achieve this. One cannot help but feel a sense of anticipation of further endeavors in dome projection to come from this crew of artists. (MIZUGUCHI Tetsuya)