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16th Entertainment Division Excellence Award

Suidobashi Heavy Industry “KURATAS”


KURATA Kogoro / YOSHIZAKI Wataru [Japan]


The KURATAS project was born in June 2010 from a simple desire on the part of artist KURATA Kogoro: “I want to ride on a giant robot, but it seems no one has made one for that purpose. I may as well build it mysel f.” Robot control engineer YOSHIZAKI Wataru subsequently joined the project, and after about two years in production, KURATAS was unveiled on July 29, 2012 before an audience of thousands attending Wonder Festival 2012 Summer at Makuhari Messe. The debut was a success, and KURATAS went on to become a sensation in the media and social networks both at home and abroad. Four meters tall and weighing four tons, KURATAS is truly a giant robot. The user sits in a cockpit and operates controls that move its four limbs and torso — and yes, it can walk. Its creators are currently improving KURATAS with the aim of mass-producing it.

Reason for Award

Climb aboard a giant robot and do with it as you please – that’s the simple and universally appealing dream realized with KURATAS, a robot developed by Suidobashi Heavy Industry, a two-man team consisting of KURATA Kougorou and YOSHIZAKI Wataru. Not only the scale of the robot astonishes, but the beauty of the details, particularly when viewed from the rear. Add to this the use of V-Sido control software, which permits full-body maneuvering via CG manipulation; an ultra-futuristic cockpit interface design; and overall, a marvelously executed blend of technologies and aesthetics. Not only that, but KURATAS can be customized and purchased online. Truly, this is Entertainment with a capital E for our era!