© Mitsuru Nishimura / Hiroshi Kawasumi / Kodansha Morning

6th Manga Division Excellence Award

The chef of the ambassador

Manga published in book form, in magazine

NISHIMURA Mitsuru / KAWASUMI Hiroshi [Japan]

Reason for Award

The “Cooking” genre itself is not very uncommon these days. However, the stage in which this story is set is very special. As a chef working at the Japanese Embassy in Vietnam, cooking in a sense, is a weapon that moves the hearts of the people. The setting is wonderful, and makes us feel the fundamentals of humans. It is a long and very honest work, and the excellence of the book is beginning to spark. This works looks far removed from a very splashy topic, but it was good that we were able to appraise it and bring it into the spotlight with this award. We look forward to future developments.