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10th Animation Division Grand Prize

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Animated feature film

HOSODA Mamoru[Japan]


An animated version of TSUTSUI Yasutaka’s science fiction novel, this is a growing-up movie that differs in taste from the preceding live action production (Director: OHBAYASHI Nobuhiko) of the same title. A film that uses the power of animation to depict the infectious thrill of youth.

Reason for Award

It is amazing. This film moves people’s hearts beyond the boundaries of animation. The artist takes a bold approach in rearranging the elements of the original work by taking them apart to match them with the current situations. At the same time, he fully demonstrates in-depth, multi-layered descriptions of the instinctive emotions which any human possesses. There is no use referring a technical view of animation to the story; however, I doubt that there is a more accurate way to express such human emotions than through animation. With various technologies saturating us today, there is no “image” that cannot be animated. I rejoice in the birth of this work that was “produced” from the artist’s strong standpoint and solid observation under rather limited conditions, without relying solely on the “image”.