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9th Animation Division Excellence Award

The Old Crocodile

Animated short film [Japan]


Reason for Award

This work is an undeniable masterpiece. An old crocodile lying by the Nile has lived for hundreds of years and suffers from rheumatism which has made it difficult for him to move, and he is seen as a burden by his clan. One day, the crocodile suddenly conceives a trip to search for a place for him to live and swims down the Nile and enters into the Red Sea which is vast. What does the old crocodile see at the end of his eccentric journey? The director YAMAMURA Koji shaped the picture book of the same title which originated in France into an animation filled with cool and bitter humor. From the simple picture images and sound from which distracting presentations are all cleared, we feel YAMAMURA’s extraordinary competence which attracts the most attention in the world. This is an animation which has personality.