© The meeting on August 15 of me

8th Manga Division Encouragement Prize

The picture letter in Showa 20: August 15 which I experienced

Self-published comics [Japan]

The meeting on August 15 of me

Reason for Award

This omnibus book is created based on ideas of cartoonists. “Each creator draws a picture about where I was, what I was doing and what I thought on August 15, 1945, and let’s hold an exhibition”. It was MORITA Kenji and managements of “Watashi no 8 gatsu 15 nichi (Society of Personal August 15)”. Members answered this call were listed up to 111 people. Both people who experienced the World War II and people who didn’t draw a picture with their sincere messages. The exhibition was successful and the works were collected into an omnibus book. This is a ponderable book which is able to show what cartoonists can do for societies and that they can start something with their own ideas.