©︎ 2020 hayate kobayashi

24th Art Division New Face Award

The reluming apparatus

Video installation

KOBAYASHI Hayate[Japan]


A short animation based on personal memories is presented in a new style, using small-sized laser projectors and robots. The two robots project images while moving around in the room. The robots’ movements are synchronized with the image contents. The projectors blurrily project hand-drawn white lined animation that behaves like dancing on the walls. The awkward images blur and move, staying until the batteries run out. They are reminiscent of magic lanterns and utsushi-e, and indicate a media archaeological perspective as well. Through these structural and contextual manipulations, the artist attempts to bring about a feel that the animation “exists” before the audience’s eyes.

Reason for Award

Returning to the essence of “projecting images on the wall or floor,” this work created a visual world including the scenery outside the film frame by combining small-sized projectors, microcontrollers, and autonomous robots (the artist calls them “wild projectors”). In addition to being a very interesting attempt, it has a freshness befitting the New Face Award. It seems to me that there are still many possibilities of expression beyond this work. I look forward to seeing more works from this artist in the future. (HACHIYA Kazuhiko)