© Junji Watanabe / Eisuke Kusachi / Hideyuki Ando

12th Art Division Excellence Award

Touch the Invisibles

Interactive art [Japan]

WATANABE Junji / KUSACHI Eisuke / ANDO Hideyuki


When you push down a row of small people on the screen, you can feel them even though they are only images. Your fingertips pick up a sensation by means of a device attached to your nails. This machine makes it feel as though you are touching an immaterial object.

Reason for Award

When you do not move your finger, you feel just a vibration on your nail. But when you go over the screen with your finger, you get the distinct feeling that something invisible is touching your fingertip. Such a strange perceptual experience has become art. This work makes us think anew about the relationship between “viewing” and “touching,” which we usually regard as being naturally connected. The group of artists has presented interactive art works based on the most advanced academic research in perception. This piece was highly regarded not only for its technology but also for its excellent presentation as a media artwork.