TSUJI Masaki

Animation Scriptwriter / Mystery Writer


Mr. TSUJI Masaki has written a tremendous volume of scripts since the dawn of TV animation. Science fiction, sports, fantasy, home drama, gag, and thrillers; there are no blind corners in his talent. He always writes something once he accepts a job… anyway, this is the way he makes us feel; the number of pieces he has written is enormous, it is said well beyond 1500 pieces. In any case, he is said to write very fast. There is no need to dwell on the fact that this speed has supported the area of story writing in the TV animation industry. Furthermore, Mr. TSUJI’s interests overflow out of TV animation; he writes crime novels, he loves railroads, he visits hot-spring hotels, and he is a brilliant conversationalist…he will never stop once he has started speaking about animation. He is really deeply in love with animation.