© KATAYAMA Yoshiyuki

15th Art Division Excellence Award



KATAYAMA Yoshiyuki [Japan]


This is a website in which a year’s worth of weather conditions from August 2010 to July 2011, which have been edited into a single video, along with the photographs, are archived in a continuous row. The photographs also span March 11, 2011, when a major earthquake struck East Japan, but by extracting only completely ordinary, everyday scenes in which everything appears to be continuing as normal, despite this, and joining them together, the creator calmly depicts the contours of our lives.

Reason for Award

A world depicted by the accumulation of the everyday life
This work seamlessly archives the daily weather of a one-year period, beginning in August 2010. Surely everyone has had the everyday experience of looking up at the sky and noticing the vast space above, stretching in all directions. We know well, too, that this sky is constantly changing. We regularly see photographs, paintings and video that capture images of these changes. At the same time, however, we are also aware that these are always presented and given meaning as fragments. While we might think that these images do not really capture the sky, we also think this is unavoidable. Tunagaru-TENKI archives the sky’s changes and vastness spectacularly. The vastness of the sky is expressed through the changes of weather. Amid the Web’s seemingly infinite connectedness, we are able to see the connectedness of weather, extending in all directions through space and time.