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24th Entertainment Division New Face Award

Umurangi Generation


Naphtali FAULKNER[New Zealand]


Staged in a near-future New Zealand with cyberpunk-like decadence, this game proceeds by taking photos of assigned subjects. The photos are not just simply taken, and higher rewards can be earned by improving the colors, composition, and angle of view. Each stage has bonuses and various events that give chances to obtain unique items. The game provides a casual opportunity for beginners to experience photo taking, while maintaining the details of photo expression and fun as a medium, including shutter and flash sounds, and contrast and exposure adjustments.

Reason for Award

Umurangi? I thought it might be a coined word that sounds good, but it actually means “red sky” in the Maori language. Pop and cynical characters live in a decadent world nearing destruction. The player lives in this world as a photo bounty, earning bounties through photography. Firing a gun or taking a picture are both “shoot” in English. The classic genre of First Person Shooting (FPS) is specialized in photography in this game. Along with a unique worldview, an exciting game experience is created. Young people freely explore their individuality in any world and under any restrictions. (TOKITA Takashi)