© Ichinose Hiroco

11th Animation Division Encouragement Prize


Animated short film [Japan]



A short animation depicting a long and peaceful day of a cow. Small episodes of mystical and sweet characters (animals) by simple line drawings are amusing. She uses a touch which looks as though the pencil drawing has been rubbed with an eraser which makes viewers feel a unique texture. A work by a student.

Reason for Award

Like the cud that cows chew, this animation has a relish that we can enjoy repeatedly. It is a simple story about strange but cute characters (animals) that are presented through simple line drawn animation. It is a fun tale that is full of little twists that culminate in a happy ending. This animation creates a sense of happiness in its easygoing and relaxing world, but at the same time we detect a small amount of poison within it; that is part of the attraction of this work. The artist’s originality sparkles in the drawings, the peculiar timing of the conversations and the movements of the characters. Judging from the overall expression, including composition and drawing skill, this artist has the potential for further success. We look forward to her future work.