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25th Entertainment Division New Face Award


Video work

KOBAYASHI Yosuke / HARIYA Daigo[Japan]


This is an independently produced short film about an online streamer who wanders around a post-apocalyptic world. The guy cheerfully continues streaming, but gradually loses his mental balance in his solitude. The film was produced remotely by combining smartphone videos and private videos from the creators’ friends. The limited budget brought about ingenious ideas, and 3D CG was not used due to technical limitations in addition to the monetary limitation. A unique visual effect was achieved by creating a collage of images of daily necessities. The 2 min. 20 sec. film on YouTube won the Grand Prix at the Remote Film Contest sponsored by GEMSTONE, and caused repercussions on social media. The final version (4 min. 33 sec.) was later completed with additional filming, along with music revision and re-editing.

Reason for Award

This short film was remotely produced by a small team using smartphone videos, and the ingenious ideas arising from these constraints successfully added reality to the film setting. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and a low budget, this film draws you in for the entire 4 min. 33 sec. by exploiting ideas and planning. It exquisitely produces an atmosphere as if the film were just clipping a few minutes out of an epic story. This work gives hope to all creators, showing “there is still something we can do.” I hope this work will be viewed by many people. (EGUCHI Rika)