©︎ 2021 Ryan Moriya

25th Entertainment Division U-18 Award

VR Sandbox


MORIYA Ryan[Japan]


This is a 3D modeling VR software in a virtual space where both space and materials can be handled freely. The controller enables users to more intuitively materialize their ideas, as if drawing with both hands. Landscapes that use a massive amount of water (e.g., ponds), and items such as large artworks, houses, or furniture can be easily created by using many preset items including water, flame, concrete, and light. By manipulating the viewpoint and scale, users can also enter a building to view issues that are hard to check with models alone (e.g., ceiling height and coziness). Therefore, the software can be used as a prototyping tool before constructing a building in the real world. Users can spontaneously familiarize themselves with a 3D space by freely engaging in creative activities in the virtual space.

Reason for Award

Works that allow users to build their own in-game space, called a Sandbox, are not uncommon today, and its application to VR is hardly a surprise. However, my opinion was completely upturned when I found out that this work was developed by a teenager. Now, there is no wonder that this work properly integrated the 3D pixel art style, which was popularized after the hit game, Minecraft (2011). The creator naturally did so, since he is of the generation familiarized with this type of expression. With the hope that the new generation will step forward to the level of “new user experience,” this work was selected for the U-18 Award. (SAYAWAKA)