© 2004 Nintendo

8th Entertainment Division Grand Prize

Wario Ware: Twisted!

Game [Japan]

“Wario Ware: Twisted!” Development Team (ABE Goro, Representative)


You play with this machine by shaking and twisting the game machine itself, which has the card with built-in motion-sensor. Various mini-games are in one package and this game can be enjoyed by broader generations.

Reason for Award

The rotation sensor installed in the game cartridge has changed this gaming device itself into a completely different playing tool. The innovative idea of the work was evaluated highly. The superb combination of the sensor, vibration element, and clicking sound promote a virtual reality experience. By realizing the analog dial operating system, it provides a simple game that everyone can easily play. The presentation is also pop, happy, and fun. In spite of an increased tendency towards major works, it is an elegant product with ingenuity and originality.