15th Animation Division Jury Selections

We still do not know the name of the flower we saw that day

Animated TV series [Japan]

NAGAI Tatsuyuki (Directer)/ OKADA Mari (Script) / TANAKA Masayoshi (Charactor Design)


In elementary school, the six were The Super Peace Busters, a tightly knit group of friends, until one girl, Menma, was killed in an accident. The others grew apart, traumatized by the death of their friend, and are now in high school. One day Jintan, the main character, sees Menma, also grown to high-school age, and the remaining members of the group come back together. Set in a suburban town modeled on Chichibu city, in Saitama Prefecture, the story is a finely detailed portrayal of the complicated emotions that emerge in the relations among its characters.