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11th Entertainment Division Grand Prize

Wii Sports


“Wii Sports” Development Team (OTA Keizo, Representative) [Japan]


A game features popular sports including baseball, tennis, and boxing. Depicts the movements and points to enjoy of each sport and realizes intuitive navigation by the Wii remote controller. This is a hallmark of Wii, which has spread on a global scale regardless of age or nationality.

Reason for Award

The Grand Prize winner of the Entertainment Division was decided relatively smoothly and by the unanimous vote of the jury members. However, I would like to make one thing clear, which is that this award is being given not only to Wii Sports software, but to the whole of the Wii system, including the game console, interface, OS, Mii (avatar) and so on. We have judged, in accordance with the purpose of this prize, that “Wii as media” is worthy of the Grand Prize. The first success in the history of the computer game business was based on table tennis. Wii Sports is exploring a new frontier of media experience by giving “sports,” the basic motif of games, “a new dress.”