8th Special Achievement Award


Girl's Manga Editor


Editors do not create works. Strictly speaking, they neither produce nor raise manga artists. The artists themselves grow with their own passion and willpower. However, if vines, for example, try to grow without a stake, they could end up going in the wrong direction, getting lost, or even losing their will to grow. Thus, Mr. Yamamoto has continuously supported artists’ growing talent? just like a vine stake that has belief. While being in a tough position between “gartists’ dreams” and “judgment on commercial success,” he has kept following “the path of believing in artists’ talent and supporting them.” If it were not for love for manga, he could not have come this far. Without Mr. Yamamoto’s contributions, girls’ comic in Japan could have lagged behind in development for at least 10 years.
(critique:SATONAKA Machiko, Head Adjudicator of MangaDivision)