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6th Digital Art (Interactive Art) Division Encouragement Prize



EGAWA Dai / NAKA Ichiro [Japan]

Reason for Award

“Yamiwarashi”, the monster creature that has appeared from the world of darkness, is a piggyback ghost system with built-in equipment. Viewers must piggyback these creatures as though they are possessed by this creature. The scene is somewhat very comical. At the same time, the scene conveys the heaviness felt when one puts on heavy goggles of a heavy headmount display, and the immobility is restricting. This work has some lightheartedness and some criticism weaved into it. Technically, the work is designed so that when walking or running, the field of view is enlarged, and when in a standstill position, the field of vision is closed and dark. It seems like this work presents to us the fragments of interactive art.