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17th Entertainment Division New Face Award



TSUDA Daisuke [Japan]


ZEZEHIHI is an online public voting service where you can vote or state your position through social media. Users log in via their SNS account and then select one of two views about a given question, posting their “vote” along with a reason. The questions vary from the entertaining to the political. The website emphasizes writing a reason for your ideas as well as being able to browse the posts of other users. These opinions can then reach politicians and have the potential to change the world. It particularly aims to be a trigger for individual thinking and mass debate about important issues that, though hard to decided whether they are completely right or wrong, are everywhere today. zzhh.jp

Reason for Award

From “driving politics by the web” to the “mobilization revolution” as represented by the Arab Spring, an “information respiration method” as a means for sifting information, and his theory of “Tweet & Shout” that explored what creative people will be like in the future, TSUDA Daisuke has been unlocking the latent abilities of social media, searching for the possibilities for journalism in the post-internet age. ZEZEHIHI is a public voting platform that fully mobilizes the results of his research up till now, and we might also call it a media art debut by a media activist. (UKAWA Naohiro)