Call for Entry

23rd Contest

Entry Period2019.8.1-10.4
  • Art Division

    This division seeks works incorporating technology to offer unique viewpoints with a critical perspective on the world today.

    Interactive art, media installations, video works, video installations, graphic art (including photographs), internet art, media performances, etc.

  • Entertainment Division

    What does “fun” or “entertaining” actually mean? Works that challenge the definition of “fun” and offer exciting new experiences will be highly valued in this division.

    Games (video games, online games, etc.), video/sound works, multimedia productions (including special effects videos, performances), products (products utilizing media technologies, R&D devices, etc.), websites, applications, etc.

  • Animation Division

    Highly perfected original works with engaging storylines and unique visual styles will be recognized in this division.

    Animated feature films, animated short films (including opening videos, ending videos, etc.), animated TV series, videos for streaming, etc.

  • Manga Division

    As methods of publication diversify thanks to the internet and other digital media, this division is seeing more and more works that challenge the traditional notion of manga. Works with powerful storylines that transcend cultural boundaries and reach out to the readers worldwide will be awarded in this division.

    Comics published in a book form, comics published in a magazine (including works still being serialized), comics published online (for computer or mobile devices), self-published comics, etc.

Festival Platform Award

Entry Period2019.9.17-11.29
Organizations in liaison with the Japan Media Arts Festival call for new exhibition plans that utilize the characteristics of its facilities and award brilliant works. The awarded works will be shown during the term of Exhibition of Award-winning Works.

Call for Entries in 23rd Festival

In 23rd festival, there will be an open call for a work to be shown on the Globe-like display at Miraikan – The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation.
Miraikan has two spherical video systems. The first is Geo-Cosmos, a spherical display and the museum’s signature exhibition. The second is Dome Theater GAIA, equipped with a full-dome 3D video system.
Each has a completely different format, and the content for each is created and experienced in different ways. However, the systems are identical in that they are both designed for spherical video images. The only difference between the two is that one is designed to be viewed from the outside of the sphere, and the other is designed to be viewed from the inside.
The globe-like display enables viewers to change positions to see the contest, which affects the way they interpret and experience the content. With Geo-Cosmos, viewers are free to choose a viewpoint, and to move around as they experience the video images. Inside Dome Theater GAIA, viewers sit in a fixed position to experience a sense of immersion surrounded by video and sound.
Looking forward to seeing expressions taking advantage of those differences, the festival calls for a work in the two categories, “Geo-Cosmos Category” and “Dome Theater Category.”