Jury Members

Art Division

  • AKIBA Fuminori

    Aesthetician and Associate Professor, Nagoya University

    An associate professor at the Graduate School of Information Science, Nagoya University. AKIBA specializes in aesthetics and arts. For nearly twenty years, he has worked among mathematicians, biologists, computer scientists, complex systems scientists, cognitive scientists, psychologists, philosophers of science, robot ethicists, and information philosophers. Since information and life are common topics among scholars in a diverse array of fields, AKIBA aims to consider beauty and art in terms of those topics. He is enjoying more opportunities to talk with creators after publishing Atarashii bigaku o tsukuru (Creating New Aesthetics) (Misuzu Shobo, 2011).

  • Georg TREMMEL

    Artist and Researcher

    Born in Burgenland, Austria, 1977. He earned a master’s degree in media art from the University of Applied Arts Vienna, and a master’s degree in interaction design from the Royal College of Art. In 2005, TREMMEL and FUKUHARA Shiho formed BCL, an artistic research framework, in London. He works out of Tokyo, where he mainly explores the impact of biotechnology development and water problems on society, and how our consciousness is reflected in natural, social, and cultural environments. He also continues to work on activities outside the fields of science, art, and design. His mission is to use social hacking and other projects to break into closed technologies and monopolized markets to open them up to everyone. TREMMEL currently works as a researcher in the Laboratory for DNA Information Analysis at the Human Genome Center at the University of Tokyo Institute of Medical Science, and as a visiting researcher at metaPhorest, a life aesthetic platform at the Hideo Iwasaki Lab at the Waseda University Faculty of Science and Engineering. He is the program director of BioClub, a platform to practice and discuss the potential of biotechnology.

  • HACHIYA Kazuhiko

    Artist and Associate Professor, Tokyo University of the Arts

    Media artist. After graduating from the Faculty of Image Design at Kyushu Institute of Design (presently Kyushu University School of Design), he worked at a consulting firm. Later, he founded PetWORKs Co., Ltd., where he continues to work today. His works are often functional devices, and include communication tools such as Inter Dis-Communication Machine and PostPet as well as AirBoard, a skateboard fitted with a jet engine, and OpenSky, a project to build a real-life model of the Möwe aircraft from a Japanese animated film. HACHIYA has served as an associate professor of the Department of Intermedia Art of the Faculty of Fine Art at Tokyo University of the Arts since October 2010.

  • IKEGAMI Takashi

    Researcher of Complex Systems Sciences and Professor, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Tokyo

    Graduated from the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, the University of Tokyo in 1984 and earned his doctorate from the Graduate School of Science, the University of Tokyo in 1989. IKEGAMI worked as an assistant at the Kobe University Graduate School of Science in 1990. He also worked as an associate professor in the Department of General Systems Sciences at the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Arts and Sciences in 1994, and has held his current position since 2008. IKEGAMI is a Doctor of Science. He works energetically to connect the fields of art and science while continuing his research on complex systems and artificial life. His published works include Ugoki ga seimei o tsukuru seimei to ishiki eno koseironteki apurochi (Life Emerges in Motion: A Constructive Approach to Life and Consciousness) (Seidosha, 2007), Seimei no sandoichi riron (Sandwich Theory of Life) (Kodansha, 2012), and Jinrui to kikai no aida (Between Human and Machine) (co-authored, Kodansha, 2016).

  • TASAKA Hiroko

    Curator of the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum

    Born in Tokyo. TASAKA’s main projects include Eizo o meguru boken vol. 5 Kiroku wa kanou ka (Quest for Vision Vol.5 – Spelling Dystopia) (2012-13), Takatani Shiro akarui heya (Shiro Takatani: La Chambre Claire) (2013-14), Apichatpong Weerasethakul boreitachi (Apichatpong Weerasethakul: Ghosts in the Darkness) (2016-17), the Ekusupandeddo shinema saiko (Japanese Expanded Cinema Revisited) exhibit (2017), and the Second to 12th Yebisu International Festivals for Art & Alternative Visions (2009-20).

Art Division Selection Members

  • HAGIWARA Shunya

    Web Designer and Programmer

  • HIRAHARA Makoto

    Associate Professor, Department of Art Science, Faculty of Arts, Osaka University of Arts

  • HIRAKAWA Norimichi


  • IMURA Yasuko

    Associate Professor, Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences

  • MYOKAM Hiroko

    Curator and Researcher

  • OKA Mizuki

    Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Information and Systems, University of Tsukuba

  • TAKAWO Shunsuke

    Lecturer, Department of Creative Media Studies, Faculty of Literature, Konan Women’s University

  • yang02


  • YUBISUI Yasuko

    Assistant Curator, NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC]

Entertainment Division



    Artist and designer. HASEGAWA produced many works putting emphasis on subjects relating to technology and people with employing techniques such as bio art, speculative design and design fiction. After graduating from Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences, She obtained degree of MA in 2012 from Royal College of Art in Britain; worked as a researcher at the MIT Media Lab from 2014 to fall of 2016; took degree of MS in 2016. She has served as a project researcher at the University of Tokyo from April 2017 to March 2020. She won Excellence Award at Art Division in 19th Japan Media Arts Festival for her work titled (Im)possible Baby, Case 01: Asako & Moriga. She hold exhibitions within and outside Japan including at Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai, Mori Art Museum, Design Museum Holon in Israel, Triennale Milano, and Ars Electronica. She published a design education book Revolutionary20XX [BNN, Inc., 2020].

  • KAWADA Tom

    AR3Bros.(Three Brothers of Augmented Reality)

    Born in Kumamoto Prefecture, 1976. KAWADA went to work for a sewing machine manufacturer in 1999. At his interview with the company, he presented a “Future Resume” that outlined a multitude of achievements that he eventually accomplished, including designing the company’s servers and overall web environment, creating a system capable of handling parts orders throughout the world, and devising patented technology to connect sewing machines to the internet. He left the corporate world in 2009 to become the eldest of the Three Brothers of Augmented Reality (AR 3Bros), an innovative team of developers. He has appeared on TV shows such as Waratte iitomo! (It’s Okay to Laugh!), Jonetsu tairiku (Passionate Continent), and Kagai jugyo yokoso sempai (Welcome to the Extracurricular Lesson, My Senior). His recent works include the Hoshi ni tacchi paneru gekijo (Touch Panel Theater in the Stars) at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo, and the Wapu suru romen densha (The Warping Streetcar) in Hiroshima. KAWADA is breaking new ground to augment real space through such efforts as the launch of Techno konto (Techno Comedy), an event for comedians to unveil new skits in Shibuya. He hosts the critically acclaimed radio show “INNOVATION WORLD” on J-Wave on Friday nights at 20:00. His genius does not recognize the bounds of genre or media.


    Communication Director and Art Director

    MORIMOTO is President of GOEN Co., Ltd., where she also serves as both Communication Director and Art Director. She is, additionally, a visiting professor at Musashino Art University, her alma mater. After graduating from the university in 1999, she joined Hakuhodo, Inc., and in 2006 became the youngest ADC member in history. In 2007, MORIMOTO established GOEN Co., Ltd. She has a wide range of experience in a variety of fields, including corporate advertising for Canon, Kirin, and niko and; artwork for MATSUTOYA Yumi and Mr. Children; t-shirt design for the Nippon Television Network Corporation’s 24-Hour television charity telethon; poster design for the NHK series Hanbun aoi (Half Blue) and Otoko ha tsuraiyo 50 okaeri Tora-san (Tora-san, Wish You Were Here), directed by YAMADA Yoji; artwork featured in film and theater productions; and space direction for zoos and nursery schools. Since 2018, MORIMOTO has produced Futako Tamagawa Rise Christmas, and has also served as the artistic director and chair of the judging committee for the Kineko International Children’s Film Festival. She is the author of Utau sakuhinshu MORIMOTO CHIE works 1999-2010 (Singing Collection of Works: Morimoto Chie’s Works 1999-2010) (Seibundo Shinkosha Publishing, 2010), and Aidea ga umareru ippo temae no daiji na hanashi (The Importance of What Happens Before Ideas Are Born) (Sunmark Publishing, 2015, also published in Chinese in 2018).


    Writer and Story Critic

    Writer, story critic, and author of original manga. His writing on video games includes Bokutachi no ge-mu shi (A People’s History of Video Games) [Star Seas Company], Bungaku to shite no Dragon Quest (Dragon Quest as Literature) [Core Magazine], and Game zasshi guidebook (Guidebook to Video Game Magazines) [Sansai Books]. He also authored Junendai bunkaron (Culturology of the 2010s) [Star Seas Company], Bungaku no yomikata (How to Read Literature) [Star Seas Company], AKB shoho to ha nan datta noka (What Was AKB’s Way of Doing Business?) [Taiyohtosho], Kyara no shikoho (Ways of Thinking About Characters) [Seidosha], Meitantei Konan to Heisei (Detective Conan (Case Closed) and the Heisei Period) [Core Magazine], and more. He is the author of the original manga qtμt [LINE COMICS, drawings by FUMI Fumiko].

  • TOKITA Takashi

    Producer and Game Creator, Square Enix Co., Ltd.

    Born in Kanagawa Prefecture, 1966. TOKITA began creating games using pixel art during the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) era as a part-timer in theatrical activities. He worked as a planner and director, and is currently engaged in production work. TOKITA’s important work includes Final Fantasy IV, Live A Live, Chrono Trigger, the Hanjuku eiyu (Hanjuku Hero) series, Parasite Eve, and Nanashi no Geeme (Nameless Game). He is currently a producer in the Second Product Development Division, Division 6 of SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD., and a director at Tokyo RPG Factory Co., Ltd. TOKITA is also involved in teaching the next generation as a member of the Human Resources Development Committee of the Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association.

Animation Division

  • MIZUSAKI Jumpei

    Animation Director and CEO, Kamikaze Douga

    MIZUSAKI specializes in a wide range of preprocessing work including planning, directing, and designing, and works mainly on music videos, the opening sequences of video games and anime, and feature-length films. His recent activities include directing the main episode of SOUND & FURY, the visual album of Grammy-winning artist Sturgill SIMPSON; inventing a media style for switching smartphone images between portrait and landscape view to add a layer of animation to the music video for Tokyo Jihen’s single 3min; and other efforts to continually expand the possibilities of video. His motto is “Compromise is death.” His directorial works include the feature-length film Batman Ninja and the music video Togemeku Spica on NHK’s Minna no Uta.

  • OHARA Hidekazu

    Animation Director and Animator

    Born in Kagoshima Prefecture, 1956. He works as a producer and director of all kinds of animation, including 3D computer graphics. His voluminous works involve concepts, character design, and more for short films, feature-length films, and promotion videos. OHARA’s highlights include commercials⁠⁠ for Qoo soft drinks, a Slam Dunk / Hokorikun-no-Gyakushu mashup for Shiseido, and Tensai Bakabon for Bakauke snacks⁠; animated films COMBUSTIBLE, Cannon Fodder, and AKIRA; animated television series Folktales from Japan, Suzy’s Zoo, and Tensai Bit-Kun; a picture book entitled Tonosama to Umi, and a promotion video entitled Flying Lotus-More.

  • OYAMA Kei

    Producer and CEO, CALF Co., Ltd.

    Born in Tokyo, 1978. He studied video at Image Forum and graduated from Tokyo Zokei University. His graduation work entitled Consultation Room won First Prize in the Campus Genius Contest, earned a Jury Selection at the 9th Japan Media Arts Festival, and was screened during the Directors’ Fortnight of the Cannes Film Festival and at many other international film festivals. In 2009, his animated short film HAND SOAP earned many awards—including the Grand Prix at the Holland Animation Film Festival, the Prize of the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, and a Special Prize at the Hiroshima International Animation Festival—and was also a Jury Selection at the 13th Japan Media Arts Festival. He is a full-time lecturer at Image Forum and representative director of CALF Co., Ltd.

  • SATO Tatsuo

    Animation Director and Scriptwriter

    Born in Kanagawa Prefecture, 1964. SATO began his directing career with the 1995 television series Tobe! Isami (Soar High! Isami). He then worked on Kido senkan Nadeshiko (Martian Successor Nadesico) (1996), and received the Seiun Award at the Japan Science Fiction Convention for the 1998 movie adaptation of the show. Nekojiru sou (Cat Soup) won the Best Short Film Award and a Critics Award at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal, and an Excellence Award at the Japan Media Arts Festival. SATO was in charge of the scripts for all episodes of the television series, Gakuen senki muryo (Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars) (both directed in 2001). He received a second Seiun Award for his directing and story editing of Moretsu uchu kaizoku (Bodacious Space Pirates) (2012). Other important work by SATO includes Uchu no Suteruvia (Stellvia) (2003), Moretsu uchu kaizoku ABYSS OF HYPERSPACE Aku no shinen (Bodacious Space Pirates The Movie: ABYSS OF HYPERSPACE) (2014) and Atom za biginingu (Atom: The Beginning) (2017). SATO is currently working on new original projects.

  • SUGAWA Akiko

    Professor, Institute of Urban Innovation Yokohama National University

    SUGAWA completed her Ph.D. in the Department of Film and Television Studies at the Graduate School of the University of Warwick in the UK. Her focus of study was animation, 2.5D theater and other elements of popular culture theory, as well as audience and fan research. She is the chair of the Japan Society for Animation Studies. Her research focuses on audiences and representations of young girls in television animation in terms of gender. Recently, she has been engaged in researching female fans in 2.5D culture. Author of Shojo to maho: Garu hiro wa ikani juyo saretanoka (Girls and Magic: How have girl heroes been accepted?) (NTT Publishing, 2013), she received the 2014 Japan Society for Animation Studies Award. Co-author of works such as Japanese Animation: East Asian Perspectives (co-authored) (University Press of Mississippi, 2013), Teaching Japanese Popular Culture (co-authored) (AAS, 2016), Shōjo Across Media (co-authored) (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019), and Women’s Manga in Asia and Beyond (co-authored) (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019). Co-editor of works such as Anime kenkyu nyumon: Oyohen (Introduction to Animation Studies: Practical Version) (Gendai Shokan, 2018) and Animeshon bunka 55 no kiwado (55 Keywords of Animation Culture) (Minerva Shobo, 2019).

Manga Division

  • KAWAHARA Kazuko

    Manga Essayist

    Born in Hiroshima Prefecture, 1968, raised in Fukuoka Prefecture. KAWAHARA worked as a preschool teacher, in the PR department of anime studio GAINAX, and at other jobs before turning freelance. Now, she writes essays and provides commentary about manga. She wrote Jinsei no taisetsu na koto wa omune manga ga oshiete kureta (Everything I Know, I Learned from Manga) (NTT Publishing, 2009). Her major columns include the manga commentary columns Kore yomazu ni nani wo yomu? (Well, What Should I Read, Then?) (2007-14) and Manga koso dokusho da! (Manga Is Reading!) (2015-19) for the web magazine Webnttpub (NTT Publishing). KAWAHARA has contributed essays to publications such as Sotokushu MIHARA Jun (Full Review of MIHARA Jun) (Kawade Shobo Shinsha, 2015). She was a contributing editor and writer for the book entitled IKEDA Riyoko no sekai (The Wonderful World of Riyoko IKEDA) (Asahi Shimbun Publications, 2012). She was a symposium panelist at the 10th Conference of the Japan Society for Studies and Cartoons and Comics in 2010, and has served as a guest lecturer at Tokyo Polytechnic University.

  • KURATA Yoshimi

    Manga Artist and Professor, Otemae University

    Born in Akita City, 1954. KURATA studied under CHIBA Tetsuya after graduating from high school. After working as an assistant for five and a half years, he struck out on his own. He won the 4th Shogakukan New Face Comic Award and made his debut with the prize-winning Moeizuru… (Start Sprouting…). KURATA won the 44th Shogakukan Manga Award in 1999 for Aji ichi monme (A Pinch of Seasoning), which he’d begun drawing in 1984. His Aji ichi monme series is currently ongoing. KURATA began teaching at Otemae University in 2009. He presently holds workshops in Japan and throughout the world, including China, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Paris, Seattle, Mongolia, and Ukraine. He is a member of Manga Japan, and a director of the Japan Cartoonists Association. He has served as a judge for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan International Manga Award, the Japan Cartoonists Association Manga Award, the Golden Dragon Award in Guangzhou, China, the Malaysian New Face Comic Award, and more.

  • NISHI Keiko

    Manga Artist

    Born in Kagoshima Prefecture, . Her debut as a mangaka was in the March 1988 volume of Shogakukan’s Petit Flower with a story entitled Matteiru yo (I’m Waiting). Some of her most well-known works are the STAY series (2002-06), Denpa no hito yo (Radio Wave Man) (2007), Otoko no issho (A Man’s Lifetime) (2008-12), and Ane no kekkon (My Big Sister’s Wedding) (2010-14). Otoko no issho was a Jury Selection at the 14th Japan Media Arts Festival in 2010. In addition to writing and drawing manga, she also illustrates novels. In 2006, STAY – Aa kotoshi no natsu mo nanimo nakatta wa (Stay – Ahh, Nothing’s Happening This Summer Either) was made into a live-action movie directed by FURUTA Wataru, and HIROKI Ryuichi directed a live-action movie of Otoko no issho in 2015. Currently she has series running in several magazines, including Hatsukoi no sekai (The World of First Love) in Monthly Flowers and Ta-tan (Ta-tan) in Big Comic Original.

  • OMOTE Tomoyuki

    Researcher, Kitakyushu Manga Museum

    Born in Osaka Prefecture, 1969. OMOTE earned a Ph.D. in literature from the Graduate School of Letters at Osaka University. He was involved in the opening of the Kyoto International Manga Museum at Kyoto Seika University and worked as a researcher of general arts before assuming his current position as manager of art-related affairs in 2011. He also works as the vice president of Kyushu Comitia Meeting, a voluntary group that puts on Kyushu Comitia, a fanzine exhibition and sale established in 2017. OMOTE also served as a director for the Japan Society for Studies in Cartoons and Comics from 2013 to 2017. His major works include Manga to myusiamu ga deau toki (When Manga Meets Museums) (Rinsen Book, 2009; co-author with KANAZAWA Kodama and MURATA Mariko), Sabetsu to mukiau manga tachi (Mangas Which Face Discrimination) (Rinsen Book, 2007; co-author with YOSHIMURA Kazuma and TANAKA Satoshi), and Hadashi no Gen ga ita fukei: manga, senso, kioku (Contexts of Barefoot Gen: Manga, War, Memory) (Azusa Shuppansha, 2006; co-editor with YOSHIMURA Kazuma and FUKUMA Yoshiaki). On many occasions, he has also provided commentary and chronological compilations of authors’ bodies of work for special editions of books.

  • SHIMAMOTO Kazuhiko

    Manga Artist and CEO, Aibic Co., Ltd.

    Born in the town of Ikeda in the district of Nakagawa in Hokkaido Prefecture, and lives in the city of Sapporo. His real name is TEZUKA Hidehiko. He debuted in 1982 with Hissatsu no tenkosei (Killer Transfer Student), and his most important works include Blazing Transfer Student, Gyakkyo Nine (Nine in Adversity), Moeyo pen (Burn, Pen), Hoero pen (Roar, Pen), Chokyuu! Kido buto den G gundam (Heavyweight Mechanical Militant Legend G Gundam), and Anime tencho (Animation Store Manager). His ongoing serial manga include Aoi Hono (Blue Blaze) and Hero Company. Aoi Hono won an Award in the General category at the 60th Shogakukan Manga Awards, and the Excellence Award in the Manga Division at the 18th Japan Media Arts Festival. He presently serves as the president and representative director of Aibic Co., Ltd.

Manga Division Selection Members

  • HIDAKA Toshiyasu

    Researcher of Manga

  • INOMATA Noriko

    Associate Professor, Ibaraki University

  • ITO Yu

    Associate Professor, Kyoto Seika University

  • KANNO Hiroshi

    Manga Artist and Professor, Kobe Design University

  • KUBO Naoko

    Assistant Professor, Department of Fine Arts Hijiyama University Junior College

  • NAGAIKE Kazumi

    Professor, Oita University Institute for Global Education and Advanced Research

  • ODAGIRI Hiroshi

    Freelance Writer

  • TAMAGAWA Hiroaki

    Researcher of Media

  • TOYODA Yumetaro

    Manga Editor