Miraikan 1F

(5)『Yamahyo Crossing』Performance
Date: September 17 (Sat.), 19 (Mon.), 23(Fri.), 24 (Sat.), 25 (Sun.)
Time: 13:00-17:00
*The schedule is subject to change depending on the artist's health condition.

(18)『Project Guideline Experience
Visitors can experience the artworks at the Communication Lobby on the 1st floor.
Date: September 17 (Sat.), 18 (Sun.), 19 (Mon.), 23(Fri.), 24 (Sat.), 25 (Sun.)
Time: 13:00-17:00

(19)『Giant 3D Cat』Satellite Screening
The work will be shown on Cross Shinjuku Vision.
Date: Screening period: September 9 (Fri.) - September 26 (Mon.)
Address: 3-23-18 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo (Shinjuku Station East Exit Station Square)
*The work will be screened 8 times an hour between 7:00 and 25:00.

Miraikan 7F

Miraikan 3F Geo-Cosmos

『Path of Noise (r, theta, phi)』Screening Time
10:45 / 11:45 / 12:45 / 13:45 / 14:45 / 15:45 / 16:15 (Approximately 3 minutes)

*At each screening time, the first 20 people will be able to see the exhibition from the permanent collection at Miraikan. Please ensure you are in front of the stairs on the 3rd floor, 5 minutes prior to the screening time.(Geo-Cosmos can be viewed from the symbolic zone on the 1st floor and the permanent exhibition on the 3rd floor.)

Miraikan 6F Dome Theater

『Dear Virus』 Screening Time
12:10-12:55 (Approximately 3 minutes)

*The first 123 arrivals can see the screening each time. Please ensure you arrive at the entrance of the Dome Theatre on the 6th floor 5 minutes before the screening starts.
*The film will be shown repeatedly within the time frame.

"Dear Viruses" (approximately 3 minutes) will be shown before the Dome Theater Program (10:20 / 11:20 / 13:20 / 14:20 / 15:20 / 16:20).
*There is an extra charge for viewing the Dome Theater (reservation required).