Rules and Regulations

Copyright and Treatment of Entered Works

    • The entrant must hold the copyright of the submitted work.
      If the work is not submitted by the artist (copyright holder), permission from the copyright holder must be obtained.

    • Permission must be obtained from the copyright holder for the use of any art, film, photographs, video images, programs music or any other content used in the submitted work. The entrant takes sole responsibility for resolving any third party claims of infringement of rights and/or claim for damages. The organizer shall not be held accountable in the event of any dispute.

    • Depending on the form or type of the work, it may be necessary to change the division in which the work has been entered.

    • All expenses related to submission of works to the competition (for example delivery cost to the Festival Office) are borne by the entrant.

    • Submitted works and reference materials will be returned only in exceptional circumstances.

    • In the case of any accidental damage to or loss of submitted work, the organizer shall not hold responsibility.

    • Depending on the screening process, additional materials may be required.

    • The Festival Office shall provide no information about the screening process before or after the official announcement.

    • Submitted works and reference materials may be duplicated by the Festival Office. The use of such duplicated materials is limited to the purpose of jury screening.

    • The copyright of submitted works shall remain with the entrant. However, the organizer may duplicate, screen, publicly transmit (broadcast, publicize on its website), exhibit and translate the Award-winning Works and Jury Selections without compensation for the purpose of announcing and exhibiting the Award-winning Works and Jury Selections, PR, and related projects.