13th Entertainment Division Critiques

GOTO Shigeo

I believe that, in the Entertainment Division, awards should be given to works that have combined the potential of each media and entertainment quality in order to stimulate people in some way, and offer them challenge and innovation. Although the game domain certainly displayed a kind of impressive maturity compared to the visual image and web works, which had taken a daring and challenging attitude towards the things unique to their media, we could not perceive an eagerness to cultivate possibilities in the game genre. I would like to mention here that PEPSI NEX SING OUT Campaign and INFINITY were also strong candidates and competed for the Excellence Prizes at the final screening. In a period where the development of the fine arts seems trapped and moves around in circles, art entertainment based on media is going to be a more and more important field. This is because it has a clear direction, and a quality as a global language that lends itself to experimentation.

GOTO Shigeo
Professor, Kyoto University of Art and Design
Born in Osaka, 1954. GOTO Shigeo is an editor and creative director. Professor at Kyoto University of Art and Design. He has been involved in the compilation of many art books and photo collections. He is the director of G/P gallery (a gallery dedicated to photography and graphics located in Ebisu, Tokyo). He also opened a new gallery, g3/, which combined with his editors' school SUPER SCHOOL at 3331 Arts Chiyoda in June 2010. He started an art fair TOKYO FRONT LINE as a 5year plan.