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12th Entertainment Division Excellence Award

Exhibition Transform Yourself

Exhibition [Japan]

SATO Masahiko Lab. + KIRIYAMA Takashi Lab. / EUPHRATES


An exhibition held at the NTT InterCommunication Center[ICC], as part of the ICC Kids Program 2008, suitable for both children and adults. The program presented works such as ‘Dot Man, Line Man’, which dismantled and reconstructed human body movements in the form of dots and lines, and ‘The Extending Arm’, which tricks the senses with a visual image; they conveyed straightforwardly the potential media art has for amusement through interaction with the human senses.

Reason for Award

This exhibition was praised almost as highly as TENORI-ON, so much so that the opinion of the jury was split in two throughout the screening sessions. The best thing about this work is that people from children to adults can simply enjoy experiencing the world of Media Art, even if in the more narrow and esoteric sense. In fact, some of the jurors who had not been to the actual exhibition actually expressed remorse at having missed it. The titles of each piece, such as Micro Craftsman Training or 21st Century Nyoi-Bo, are named without recourse to the words media or digital, which was also received favorably. It is remarkable that this exhibition and Wii Fit, both of them dealing with the human body, have both been awarded Excellence Prizes. When someone can see their own body transformed, that is when they realize that the mind itself is transformable, which could be thought a goal of art in the broad sense.