Photo: Xavier Voirol

18th Art Division Excellence Award


Media performance

Cod.Act (Michel DÉCOSTERD / André DÉCOSTERD) [Switzerland]


A sound sculpture consisting of a six-meter long nylon tripod carrying a sound device linked to the movements which, as if like a giant creature, generates complex and organic movements and sounds. Influenced by the rotation of a fixed engine set on the ground, the tripod bends considerably, twisting shape. Due to diverse mechanical constraints, and its amplified strength yielded by the reactivity of its plastic matereal, at times it appears to draw out a large arc as if dancing, striking the ground as if in anguish. In the ceaseless combination of movements synchronized to the source of the sound – a deconstructed human voice – a mixture of emotions, from tension to anger and intimacy, are evoked in the viewer. The combination of raw materials, mechanical and sound perfection results in a kind of hypnotic and dramaturgic choreography, from which arise, in a paradoxical way, perfectly random kinetics.

Reason for Award

Cod.Act received the Grand Prize both in the 14th and 16th Japan Media Arts Festivals. That this work is made by a unit consisting of siblings who have backgrounds as a musician and architect is always enthralling, but Nyloïd is an excellent work in which, seen as an extension of Cycloïd-E which won the Grand Prize in the 14th Japan Media Arts Festival, one can observe their insatiable curiosity. The movement of the three six-meter long “limbs” of this sound sculpture carried by a prodigious nylon tripod also resembles that of biological movement, yet in being extremely restrictive perfect control is impossible. With the addition of electronic sound to this irregular movement, it somewhere inspires a sense of depravity and awe while at the sametime possessing suppleness, sensuality, and strength. While rooted in advanced technology, which is also characteristic of new media art, Nyloïd is important as a work that can bring about spatial awareness and somatic sensations through its range of movement and sound. (UEMATSU Yuka)