© Daito Manabe (4nchor5 la6 / Rhizomatiks)
Photo: Ryuichi Maruo (YCAM)

15th Art Division Excellence Award


Media installation

MANABE Daito / ISHIBASHI Motoi [Japan]


This is a light installation in which blinking light sources drift through the air, creating a phantasmagorical after-image. Innumerable balls with a built-in LED pass along one after another on the rail with a figure-eight-spiral-shaped construction. The balls radiate in different timings and colors, creating floating light particles that describe various patterns in the air. Designed as a three-dimensional space featuring twinkling lights, and blending the structural attributes of the rail with communications control technology, the illuminations on the phenomenon are seen changes according to the position of the viewer.

Reason for Award

A huge space with dynamically-flashing and floating light sources
This is an installation of countless controlled, blinking points of illumination that move dynamically through the air, producing a dream-like space of light. This installation, which unified its concept and its implementation to a high degree and produced its intended meaning through a precise use of technology, was judged to have been a form of media art expression that was a significant achievement. The actual mechanism involves a large number of balls, each dispatched with precision, which roll down along a series of figure-eight rails that are suspended in mid-air. The timing by which the LEDs that are set up within each of the balls are signaled to emit light is then carefully controlled. The resulting cloud of flying lights is experienced as a large, three-dimensional space. As spectators change their positions, the appearance of this cloud of light changes accordingly. This work possesses a charm that is only possible in an installation.