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12th Entertainment Division Encouragement Prize


Web [Japan]

BOKU Masayoshi,
Representing the Gyorol production team


This website content links a mobile phone to the internet in real time, and proposes a new use for communication technology in the form of fishing. The user can catch fish in virtual water located at the website. The caught fishes can even be named and kept in a water tank, where they are observed. We expect this idea will be expanded in many different forms.

Reason for Award

Though this is meant to be an experimental work, the design and explanation is so cheap that it hinders understanding of the technology and innovation attempted, which almost led to it failing to be selected. However, of all the entries linked to mobile phone technology, this is the only substantiated experiment that does not require a specific display device, and which provides for a rich interactive experience through a mobile phone. Beyond the basic idea of the combination of PC and mobile phone, this work has the wide ranging potential to produce new interactive experiences in Digital Signage, a field in which considerable development is expected in the near future. In the final screening session, this work was praised for the possibilities it suggested for the eventual provision of new and unconventional media experiences.