How to Enter

To submit works, follow the steps below to create an entrant account, and log in to the entrant home screen on the entry site.
(It is possible to submit multiple works from a single account.)

STEP1Apply for entry (create an entrant account)


Enter an email address and password and proceed to the account creation screen.


Enter the information required to create an account. (Name of the person in charge of the entry, affiliation, address, contact information, etc.)


A provisional account registration email will be sent to the registered email address.


Use the link in the email to access the entrant home screen and complete the account creation process.

STEP2Register information about the creators/works


Enter your email address and password on the entry site to access the entrant home screen.


Select your desired category and enter information about the creators and works you wish to enter.

  • Information about creatorsCreator names, English names, birthdates, nationalities, hometowns, countries of residence, etc.
    Information about worksWork titles in Japanese, Japanese pronunciation, English names, images of the works, overviews of the works (600 characters or less), strong points, scripts, videos, etc.

    * Please enter information about creators and works carefully and accurately – it will be used to describe award-winning works on the official website and collection of award-winning works.
    * Works that use languages other than Japanese must be submitted with translations or subtitle text (Japanese or English).
    * If you have materials for screening other than those listed above, please submit them.

STEP3Submit Materials for Screening


Upload an image of the work. (1 image that encapsulates the work (Landscape png or jpg file 1,000 px or more/5 MB or less))


Submit materials for screening according to the following procedure.

  • Upload the materials to your own website or server of your choice, and register the URL. Upload data for materials for screening to an accessible server, video streaming service, image posting/sharing site, your own website or the like, and register the URL.
    Include the details of any passwords or the like required to view or acquire the data.

    * Take steps to ensure that the data is viewable and/or accessible for screening until March 2022.

  • When publicizing materials for screening on video streaming services, image posting/sharing sites, or the like.

    Examples of sitesVimeo, YouTube, etc.

    * When using video streaming services or image posting/sharing sites, consent to the sites’ terms of use before publicizing the works.     
    * Follow the sites’ rules regarding file formats and volume for uploads.

  • When uploading data for materials for screening to a server of your choice other than the above.


    * As a rule, we do not accept formats other than those listed above.