How to Enter

STEP1Register an account


Enter your email address and password and proceed to the account registration page.


Fill out the Account Registration form. Please provide all information requested.


A confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided on the form.


Complete account registration by clicking on the link for the Entry page in the email you receive.

STEP2Enter information about the Artist(s) and Work(s)


Log in with your registered email address and password.


Select the division and enter details of the Artist(s) and Work(s) as follows

  • Artist informationartist’s name, birthday, nationality, country of residence, etc.
    Work informationtitle, category, date of release or completion, brief summary, strengths, etc.

    * Please make sure to enter the information correctly, as it will be published on the official website and in the collection of Award-winning Works. No changes will be accepted after the submission period.

STEP3Submission of work and/or reference materials for screening


Upload an image of the work. (One photographic image, PNG/JPG format, minimum 1000 pixels on long edge, maximum size 5MB)


Please submit work and/or reference materials for screening using any of the methods A, B or C specified below.

* When submitting videos, please choose submission method depending on file size, etc. Note that lower file size may result in reduced video quality. Please ensure the quality that accurately represents the work.

  • A. Upload data to a web server of your choice and register a URL

    Please upload the data for the screening materials to a web server of your choice (e.g. your own website, a video sharing site, a picture sharing site etc.) and register the URL.

  • 1) Using video or picture sharing sites

    Examples of sharing sitesVimeo/YouTube/pixiv
  • 2) Using a web server of your choice other than those listed under 1) Please use one of the data formats specified as follows:

    Photographic imagesjpg/pdf/gif

    * File types other than those listed above will not be accepted.
    * For the screening process, please make sure that the files are available for viewing and downloading until March, 2022.
    * When using video or picture sharing sites, you must adhere to the site’s terms, guidelines and restrictions.
    * The format and size of the file to be uploaded should be in accordance with the regulations of each upload destination.

  • B. Upload data to JMAF(Japan Media Arts Festival) web server

    Upload the data of work and/or reference materials for screening to the web server of the Japan Media Arts Festival.
    The server can be accessed from the Work Information page, upon creating your account.

    Videomov/mp4/m4v/wmv – maximum size 300MB
    Photographic imagesjpg/pdf/gif – maximum size 10MB
    Documentsdoc/pdf – maximum size 10MB

    * File types other than those listed above will not be accepted.
    * The total amount of data that can be uploaded is limited to 300MB.
    * Please upload data that is not restricted by passwords or other restrictions.

  • C. Send by post

    After all work-related information has been entered and confirmed, an entry confirmation will be created. Print out this confirmation and attach it to the media (two copies) in which the data to the address below of work and/or reference materials for screening or the printed material, and send them to the address below.

    Please send two (2) copies of all materials.
    If a password or other information is needed to view or download the data, be sure to provide details.
    (Acceptable media if sending discs by post: DVD/BD/CD-ROM)
    Photographic imagesjpg/pdf/gif

    * Please note the permitted media formats above, if you send data.
    * File types other than those listed above will not be accepted.

  • For the Animation Division, when submitting feature films, short films, TV animatons, videos for streaming, etc., the restriction of the above video formats does not necessarily apply.
    Please ensure the following region codes of your discs:

    DVDRegion Code 2 or All
    BDRegion Code 2 or Free

    * Submitted works and reference materials will be returned only in exceptional circumstances.